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Bath Soaks - 16 oz - Custom

Bath Soaks - 16 oz - Custom

SKU: 002

Needing some quiet time to yourself? 

These bath soaks are a great way to enhance your day with relaxation!


4 ingredients go into each soak; pure epsom salt, kosher sea salt, pure baking soda and an essential oil of your choice! Each soak also comes with a bag of dried flowers upon request. No more questioning what you are soaking your body in!!


Thank you for your order! I am sending love your way <3

  • Ingredients and Recommended Use

    Ingredients for 16 oz mason jar bath soak:

    1.250 cup Epsom Salt

    0.625 cup Kosher Sea Salt

    0.200 cup Baking Soda

    10 drops of Essential Oils


    We recommend using about a half a cup of your BluFire bath soaks for each bath, but you know yourself best!!